If Your Life Was a Movie Would You Buy a Ticket?
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3 Tips on Dealing with Transitions

3 Tips on Dealing with Transitions

If you are anything like most people I talk with, you are in a state of transition. It could be spiritual, physical, geographical, or vocational. Maybe it’s major. Maybe it’s minor. I don’t know what you are dealing with, but I do know you are dealing with something. As you board your train and navigate through your life transitions, here are a couple of tips I have found to be helpful. Ask your questions Transitions are uncomfortable because they introduce Continue reading

10 Quotes for Living an Awesome Life

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Ever feel like you are just running through the motions in life? Me too. In fact, it is something that I am constantly trying to tackle. I want to be engaged in each day, soaking up all there is to experience. And, I’m not talking about the whole “eat drink and be merry” vibe where you just throw caution to the wind. I want to foster strong relationships, build things, and make memories. I hope to be a great husband Continue reading

Is My Work Aligned with My Calling? These 4 Questions Will Help.

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I’m a firm believer that God wants us to live out our unique callings through our work. Work is where we spend countless hours. It’s what funds our lives and has the power to greatly bless our families and enhance the lives of others by providing value. Here are 4 questions to help determine if you are working within your calling: Does it make me shout, “I was made for this?” A mentor once told me, “If the devil can’t Continue reading

It is the Courage to Continue that Counts

It is the courage to continue that counts

Wherever you are, whatever you are called to–don’t give up. Take one more step today no matter how difficult. That step may bring you success. It may bring you failure. But often, that’s not the point. “It’s the courage to continue that counts.” God is calling you forwards and upwards into His magnificent plan. Take courage. Call dibs on the life you’ve been made for and stay the course.

If Your Life Was a Movie Would You Buy a Ticket?

If your life was a movie

Recently, I’ve been reminded of how important story is when it comes to living out my life. Each day we are writing a new chapter in our Life’s Story, and this got me thinking, “If my life was a movie…would I buy a ticket?” I’m never going to have adventures like Indiana Jones (because who wants to fall into a snake pit!), but that doesn’t mean I can’t live out an amazing story. And the same thing goes for you Continue reading

3 Simple Steps to Goal-Based Savings. (Most People Ignore the Most Important Step!)

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I originally ran this post about a year ago, but these strategies are just as relevant today as they were then. Remember, part of Calling Dibs on Your Life means getting your financial house in order. Let’s get started! Here’s the fun part: what’s your goal? Maybe it’s a vacation for that 10 year anniversary, or a used car for your child’s graduation. Maybe it’s a sponsorship for non-profit workers abroad, or a seat next to Richard Branson in space. Continue reading